Get to know who we are and we do.


We are

Founded in 2020 in Ireland, famehype’s goal was to transform the creators’ economy. We recognised very early that the creators were missing out on recuring revenue. After exploring multiple platforms to support them we concluded that none of the existing ones like shopify, bigcommerce, or magento were suitable. This is when we started to develop our own so we could provide a tailored proposition that will change the industry for ever.

Within our first year, famehype managed to onabord major brands such as Microsoft, Playstation and Nintendo to support creators with their global reach and needs. As of today we are across 18 countries and supporting 8 different currencies and languages.

We are

We do

famehype is a platform that enables creators to turn fandom into a multi-revenue stream business, empowering creators to go beyond ads and sponsorships.

We have specially designed our solution to help creators earn money from their fans without having to deal with the day-to-day management.

We do


We’re on a mission to empower content creators by giving them a way to live off their creativity, so they can establish their brand and continue entertaining millions of fans.


To be the world’s leading fan engagement platform for content creators.






They are just recognitions and indicators but not enough to build a sustainable future.

We believe that smart people look forward, not back. Ambitious people look forward. Creative people look forward.

Because the future can be anything we want it to be, and creativity should have endless possibilities.

This is what we are built for, to enable people to get to the top. To give creators the time to be more creative and inspire millions of fans. To give the fans a way to support their creators.

This is beyond recognition, it’s the positive vibe that makes you wake up in the morning, the creativity with no strings attached.

And all it takes to get that positive feeling is to carry on as normal because we got your back