S2G: Additional income

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Understand why reputation is so important for S2G

Sid or better known as S2G is a YouTuber and Streamer with over 500,000 Subscribers. S2G is one of the fastest growing creators in the FIFA Career Mode scene, averaging over 10 million views a month. S2G has worked with several brands such as EA, Onefootball, Gate.io. S2G is also a part of the eSports team, Veloce as a content producer. He only works with renowned and trustworthy brands.

How we helped

S2G is very selective with whom he works with. His reputation was really important from the first time we engaged. Famehype was able to provide Sid with a fully managed website and a global digital portfolio of games, credits and subscriptions that were approved by the largest gaming providers. This is how S2g.shop started, a new way for Sid to generate extra income and to work with the most reputable brands.